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Version Release date Supported until Significant changes Old version, no longer maintained : 1.x November 1993
  • The first official release.
  • The Ports Collection.
  • Fixed some outstanding bugs from import of 386BSD
  • Addition of some ported applications (XFree86, XView, InterViews, elm, nntp)
Old version, no longer maintained : 2.x 22 November 1994
  • Replaced code base with BSD-Lite 4.4 (to satisfy terms of the USL v. BSDi lawsuit settlement)
  • New installer and new boot manager
  • Loadable filesystems support for more filesystems (MS-DOS, unionfs, kernfs)
  • Imported loadable kernel modules from NetBSD
  • Replaced BSD malloc with phkmalloc
  • Full Linux emulation with ELF
  • Dummynet traffic shaping
Old version, no longer maintained : 3.x 16 October 1998
  • symmetric multiprocessing (SMP)
  • CAM (Common Access Method) SCSI system
  • VESA video modes
  • Initial USB device support
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
  • Netgraph
  • RAID-5 support in vinum

Old version, no longer maintained:

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4.x 14 March 2000[69] 31 January 2007[131]

  • IPv6 support and IPsec with KAME (applications were also updated to support IPv6)
  • OpenSSH integrated into the base system
  • Emulator for SVR4 binary files
  • New jail(2) system call and jail(8) admin command added[132]
  • Kqueue event notification interface
  • Basic Firewire
  • Basic HyperThreading support
  • In-kernel cryptographic framework imported from OpenBSD
  • USB2 support
  • Added ports/CHANGES and ports/UPDATING to FreeBSD Ports
Old version, no longer maintained : 6.x 1 November 2005 30 November 2010
  • Performance monitoring counters support
  • New Wi-Fi stack
  • GELI
  • Network bridging
  • NanoBSD utility
  • NDIS driver support
  • Keyboard multiplexer
  • UFS filesystem stability
  • Bluetooth autoconfiguration
  • Additional Ethernet and RAID drivers
  • Support for Xbox architecture
  • OpenBSM audit subsystem
  • freebsd-update (binary updates for security fixes and errata patches)

Old version, no longer maintained:

8.x 26 November 2009 1 August 2015

  • SATA NCQ support
  • Xen guest support
  • High Availability Storage
  • Native NFSv4 ACL support
  • USB 3.0 support
Old version, no longer maintained : 9.x 12 January 2012 31 December 2016
  • Capsicum capability-based security mechanism
  • UFS SoftUpdates+Journal
  • ZFS updated to version 28
  • bsdconfig, system configuration utility
  • bsdinstall, the new system installation program
  • RCTL, a flexible resource limits mechanism
  • GRAID, flexible software RAID implementation
  • virtio drivers
  • pkgng[133]
  • vt, the new virtual terminal implementation

Old version, no longer maintained:

10.x 20 January 2014 31 October 2018[134]

  • BHyVe hypervisor
  • Clang replaced GCC on supported architectures
  • New iSCSI stack
  • Added support for Raspberry Pi
  • UEFI boot for amd64
  • ZFS booting via UEFI
  • ZFS on root file system
  • ZFS reliability and performance improvements
  • Implementation of pkg, a new FreeBSD package manager, also referred to as pkgng[135]
  • Support for UDP Lite protocol (RFC 3828)
  • SMP support for armv6
  • New autofs-based automounter
  • DRM code updated to match Linux 3.8.13, allowing multiple simultaneous X servers
  • Support for 64-bit Linux binaries through the compatibility layer
Old version, no longer maintained : 11.x 10 October 2016[136] 30 September 2021[137]
  • New version of NetMap[138]
  • Support for the 64-bit ARM Architecture[138]
  • umount(8) -N new flag which is used to forcefully unmount an NFS mounted filesystem
  • crontab -f new flag added
  • The ZFS filesystem has been updated to implement parallel mounting.
  • The trim(8) utility has been added, which deletes content for blocks on flash-based storage devices that use wear-leveling algorithms.
Older version, yet still maintained : 12.x 11 December 2018[139][140]
  • The ext2fs(5) filesystem has been updated to support full read/write support for ext4
  • FreeBSD has changed the way graphics drivers are handled on amd64 and i386. Graphics drivers for modern ATI-AMD and Intel graphics cards are now available in the Ports Collection.
  • The UFS/FFS filesystem has been updated to support check hashes to cylinder-group maps.
Current stable version : 13.x 13 April 2021[141][142]
  • The clang, lld, and lldb utilities and compiler-rt, llvm, libunwind, and libc++ libraries have been updated to version 11.0.1.
  • Removed the obsolete binutils 2.17 and gcc(1) 4.2.1 from the tree. All supported architectures now use the LLVM/clang toolchain.
  • The kernel now supports in-kernel framing and encryption of Transport Layer Security (TLS) data on TCP sockets for TLS versions 1.0 through 1.3. Transmit offload via in-kernel crypto drivers is supported for MtE cipher suites using AES-CBC as well as AEAD cipher suites using AES-GCM. Receive offload via in-kernel crypto drivers is supported for AES-GCM cipher suites for TLS 1.2. Using KTLS requires the use of a KTLS-aware userland SSL library. The OpenSSL library included in the base system does not enable KTLS support by default, but support can be enabled by building with the WITH_OPENSSL_KTLS option
  • The 64-bit ARM architecture known as arm64 or AArch64 is promoted to Tier-1 status for FreeBSD 13.
Version Release date Supported until Significant changes

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