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Date Version[7] Notes 2008-10-06 2.0[11] Mono’s APIs are now in par with .NET 2.0. Introduces the C# 3.0 and Visual Basic 8 compilers. New Mono-specific APIs: Mono.Cecil, Mono.Cairo and Mono.Posix. Gtk# 2.12 is released. The Gendarme verification tool and Mono Linker are introduced. 2009-01-13 2.2[12] Mono switches its JIT engine to a new internal representation[13] that gives it a performance boost and introduces SIMD support in the Mono.Simd[14] Mono.Simd namespace.
Mono introduces Full Ahead of Time compilation that allows developers to create full static applications and debuts the C# Compiler as a Service[15] and the C# Interactive Shell[16] (C# REPL) 2009-03-30 2.4[17] This release mostly polishes all the features that shipped in 2.2 and became the foundation for the Long-Term support of Mono in SUSE Linux. 2009-12-15 2.6[18] The Mono runtime is now able to use LLVM as a code generation backend and this release introduces Mono co-routines, the Mono Soft Debugger and the CoreCLR security system required for Moonlight and other Web-based plugins.
On the class library System.IO.Packaging, WCF client, WCF server, LINQ to SQL debut. The Interactive shell supports auto-completion and the LINQ to SQL supports multiple database backends. The xbuild build system is introduced. 2012-10-18 3.0[21] C# 5.0 support, async support, Async Base Class Library Upgrade and MVC4 – Partial, no async features support. 2013-07-24 3.2[22] Default Garbage Collector is now the SGEN, instead of Boehm 2015-04-29 4.0[28] Defaults to .NET 4.5 profile and ships only .NET 4.5 assemblies, defaults to C# 6.0. First release to integrate Microsoft open-source .NET Core code 2017-05-10 5.0[29] Shipping Roslyn C# compiler to enable C#7 support; Shipping msbuild and deprecating xbuild for better compatibility; Enabling concurrent SGen garbage collector to reduce time spent in GC; Introducing the AppleTLS stack on macOS for HTTPS connections; Continued Progress on .NET Class Library convergence; Updated libjpeg in macOS package 2017-07-14 5.2[30] Support for .NET Standard 2.0, strong assembly names, and experimental default interface members. 2017-10-05 5.4[31] The JIT Runtime now supports concurrent method compilation and various other Performance Optimisations; 2018-02-01 5.8[32] Initial WebAssembly port; Modes for the SGen GC; Includes Roslyn’s csi (C# interactive) REPL tool 2018-02-26 5.10[33] The Interpreter is now included in the default installation; runtime now supports Default Interface Methods; WebAssembly considered reliable now; Support for .NET 4.7.1 / C# 7.2 / F# 4.1 2018-05-08 5.12[34] Port to IBM AIX/i; now includes VB.NET compiler; option to use jemalloc 2018-08-07 5.14[35] Major Windows.Forms update to improve compatibility with .NET 2018-10-08 5.16[36] Hybrid suspend garbage collector; Client certificate support; C# 7.3 support 2018-12-21 5.18[37] .NET 4.7.2 support; more CoreFX code is used 2019-07-17 6.0[38] C# compiler defaults to version C# 8.0 RC; Various stability improvement in debugger support; Mono Interpreter is feature complete and stable 2019-09-23 6.4[39] C# compiler support for C# 8 language version; .NET Standard 2.1 support 2019-12-10 6.6[40] Added .NET 4.8 reference assemblies 2020-01-15 6.8[41] Various Bugfixes 2020-05-19 6.10[42] Various Bugfixes 2020-11-24 6.12[43] Various Bugfixes

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